Quick Update: Numpy & Pandas on Raspberry Pi

Just a quick update. I’ve been working on an app to scrape & analyse the prices and availability of records released on Record Store Day from the Discogs marketplace. I’ve also started to write something to analyse Pops that have been [vaulted](). As part of this, I needed to install Numpy and pandas on the Raspberry pi.

While this appeared to be easy enough by using apt-get python-pandas, my set up seemed to be stuck on installing pandas 0.8.0, despite version 0.14.1-2 showing as available in apt-cache show python-pandas. I found that one could install a specific version of a package by appending = to the end of the apt-get command.

However, this meant that apt-get would not attempt to automatically install dependencies, and once these were specified, it would automatically attempt to install the old versions of the dependencies. The newest versions therefore had to be specified. The full command with updated, working versions of the dependancies (at the time of writing) is as follows:

sudo apt-get install python-pandas=0.14.1-2 python-pandas-lib=0.14.1-2 python-tables python-numexpr python-xlrd python-statsmodels python-openpyxl python-xlwt python-bs4 python-numpy=1:1.8.2-2
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