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A post about my actual life. These will be rare as I don’t usually do that many exciting things.

Python for Data Analysis: Quick Update & Fix

Been a little while since I’ve been able to update this blog, or do much Python programming. Finally had a chance to start working my way through the first proper chapter and rather quickly ran into a problem with using … Continue reading

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Radio Shows As Podcasts: Part 1 – The Set Up

I prefer to listen to radio shows and plays as podcasts than as normal mp3s or items in my library. There are various ways to obtain BBC radio shows as mp3 files, and to set the tags as needed to … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi – Update

Just a quick update to my Raspberry Pi set up. The bug in mounting drives with the Raspberry Pi 2 required the work around outlined in the last post: code was added to rc.local that caused a wait of 30 … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi, & Multimedia PCs

I’ve just got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 2, to go along with my A model. After having a lot of problems running RaspBMC, Kodi and OSMC as a media centre, I’ve decided to upgrade to the Pi 2 … Continue reading

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